Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Power via Confusion

As more and more posters of Mahinda Rajapkse are starting to invade the walls/trees/houses/toilets and what not, I cloudn't help thinking, as always these politicians are again trying to get power by confusing the masses. By signing agreements with every possible party on earth, Mahinda is doing it in style and Ranil is in a bit of a mess after the "Parakumba" fiasco (he should be ashamed of the way his campaign is running). Mahinda, for his part, is making up for his lack of vision by focusing on his stronger areas such as his movie like image - as opposed to Ranil who looks like the joker of the house every time he opens his mouth in a public rally/meeting(although I think he has improved a bit lately) - and the ever famous SLFP smile (we know how Chandrika used it to flirt,confuse and draw the masses).
All in all after all the arguments about Peace,Economy,War and everything else on earth leading upto the Elections, these politicians will again fool us, the average Sri Lankan citizens in to voting with the trend or the "rella" and I bet, again, it will end up as another wrong decision taken by the Average Sri Lankan voter.
So good luck to all of us!

Friday, September 16, 2005

First Past The Post

Well, after discovering Sri Lankan blogosphere some three weeks back via Indi's post - accidentally of course- and after leaving a few comments here and there and after reading a lots of it I have finally decided to start my own blog. Cannot promise that this will be updated daily or even weekly but will try my best to put up at least one blog every week.

Anyway, I find the debate going on in Nittewa on Boggers Peace Plan very interesting and will be checking it out frequently.

So having said that, although my blog might look to be politically inclined, I can asure you that it will not be. Hey, then again we are all political animals after all and having being born and living in this wonderful Democracy for a nearly three decades I cannot help it if my comments/thoughts are politically inclined, quite unintentionally of course.

Well I guess that's enough ranting being this is the first post and since it's close to lunch time!