Monday, October 23, 2006

Comeback Post

Wow! September 25th of 2005! That was more than a year ago! I'm surprised that my blog even exists still.
Ok. Even though I have not been writing I've been reading a lot of blogs at Kottu everyday since September 2005 (and leaving a few comments here and there too).

I am hoping to start updating this blog again (this time for real). One problem is time and the other is that I don't know whether I should limit my writing to current affairs, politics,everyday occurances of my life,family,work or anything else. So chances are I will be rambling,musing,raving (or whatever you call it) about everything mentioned above and more. I think the key is to be honest about what you are writing and the way you are writing it.
Ok, this is getting boring and monotonous already, so I'll stop for now and hope to come back soon.

Until then, cheers!


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