Monday, November 13, 2006

Going home!

I think it's been nearly three weeks since I made my last post (albight a six word one, 'inspired' by this post by Suchetha), and since I have promised that I will make an effort to post regularly, here I am.

I'll be going home on next Tuesday(21st) and after 4 months away from home I'm really looking forward to it (god, do I crave for some red rice with polos ambul, pol sambol and katurumurunga mallum! I am so damn sick of the white basmathi and the tasteless two or three curries supplied by our food man, daily).
Miss everybody, my wife and kids the most, but I miss SPACE more than anything.
Although Maldives is a very beautiful place, capital city of Male' can get really crampy (just 1.7 squre kilometres of land, of buildings,heaps of motor cycles, cars, shops, roads and a few trucks and way too much of people for a small island - come to think of it, I haven't seen a single cat or a dog in Male'. hmm..).

So even though it's a just a 15 days break, I think it will do a world of good to me.

So on that note I think I'll stop now and get back to some studying (oh yes, I have to sit for two papers while I'm in Colombo, the real reason why I got 15 days leave), and I'm most certain that my next post will be once I get back from home, and I will try to write more about Maldives (hopefully), particularly Male'. And maybe some photos too if I manage to buy the camera I wanted for some time.



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